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Ko'olauloa Resilience hub

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About the Project

Enabling continuous operation of critical services and building a thriving community.


The Ko'olauloa Community Center & Resilience Hub concept was created by Hui o Hau'ula in partnership with the Honolulu City & County Office of Climate Change Resilience and Sustainability.

Ola Resilience Strategy - Action 15

On the front lines of climate change, Hau'ula is identified as one of the most vulnerable, small, rural coastal communities on the North Shore of O'ahu.

Strong local support from Ko'olauloa Residents has provided:

Private Donations, Funding from Hawai'i Community Foundation (Strong Fund & CHANGE grants), Atherton Foundation and a State GIA Grant.

An Environmental Assesment & Design is being completed by G70 and +LAB in Summer 2023.

Federal Senators Schatz, Hirono & Rep. Tokuda are supporting FEDERAL EARMARK $5.3M for the start of Construction Phase in 2024, continuing in 2024-2026

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